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Welcome back! We look forward to our Reception Children joining us soon.

Year 5

Year 5 Tricks

Throughout the year the children cover Tricks from the previous years as well as learning these new Tricks:

Autumn 1

"Super Stretch"

AIMS: To create independent thinking around personal challenges and the self-knowledge to choose how to manage these.

OUTCOMES: "I can do new thing with a little 'stretch.'"

Spring 1

"Calm Thumb"

AIMS: To develop the use of a stimulus response 'anchor' to create calm states and reduce anxiety responses.

OUTCOMES: "I can rub y thumb and breathe slowly to feel calm."

Summer 1

"Marvellous Me"

AIMS: To create independent self-appraisal and self-approval abilities and develop a confident mindset.

OUTCOMES: "I can say, "well done" to myself."