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Welcome to a new year at St Luke's C E Primary School. We are very excited to welcome our new Reception Children and their families to St Luke's. If you are the parent of a child starting school in September 2022 please telephone the Infant office to book a tour of the school. If you have any queries please call Teresa at the Infant Site/Alison or Wendy at the Junior Site.

What have you been up to?

Year 3 have been indulging Mr. K's love of cows - here are some stories

Alice, Aliyah and Jacob have more wonderful Roman work to share!

Isaac's been very busy - we're hugely impressed.

Radio Two managed to get hold of a survivor from Pompeii!

Marissa sounding very professional!

Goodness Gracious! Due to Unusual Atmospheric Conditions and Hitherto Unknown Ancient Roman Technology, We've Footage of a Weather report from Vesuvius in 79 AD

A rather bumpy weather report interrupted by an eruption 😲

Remarkable footage has survived of a remarkable survivor!.mov

Still image for this video

Some more great Home Learning from Year 4

Harry's Shield and Temple - and Ayla's Shield Too!

Gods and Slave's Days

Alice's Model of the Pantheon, Rome

Virtually a Sports Day!

Another Excellent Model of a Roman Temple - Very Impressive Anna!

There's a show on - though we're probably about 1800 years too late!

Shielding has been very important recently...

Jacob's great garden tale - it's fantastic!

What were Roman Temples like? Here's Isaac's Model.

Isaac knows how to use a protractor and turn it into a clinometer, a rather useful instrument as you'll see.

The Romans Squashed the Boudiccan Revolt - Some Fascinating Diary Entries From Legionaries Seem to Have Survived...

Boudicca Fought Back and the Roman's Never Found Her! She May Have Survived - Though Probably Not.

The British were Living Quite Happily, and then the Romans came. Why? How?

British homes in the Romano British Period

It's worth a closer look at Soil. Very well done Isaac.

Betsy's Brilliant Bath (Roman)

Looking For A Job? A Job With A Future? Look No Longer (unless you're a lady - the Roman's weren't very equal opportunities!)

Ida is remarkably convincing! Great detail, we're very impressed. She might not be allowed to join the army but a career in writing advertising copy surely is available.

Isaac Roman Advert.mp3

Well done Isaac - a smooth operator if ever we heard one!

And Betsy could surely be a presenter!

Scarlett Radio

Still image for this video
Scarlett has it nailed - surely this would persuade you to sign up!

Ella's Roman Army Advert V2.mp3

Wow! Ella is so professional!

Look after our beaches!

Year 2 - Dexter's habitat and powerful expanded noun phrases to describe it.

Still image for this video

Year 4 have been inspired by Stonehenge's mystery to write their own myths.

Emilie's storytelling of Avalyn and the special stones.mp3

Year 4 have only just started our Rock of Ages topic but there is already some fantastic work to share!

Father's Day Ideas

Marissa's Cleaning Up!

Isaac has a Challenge!

Still image for this video
We would love to see some more bouncing ball challenges!

Isaac's a Mastermind!

Still image for this video
We're sure you'll agree that this is an ingenious way to present your knowledge, well done.

Romulus, Remus, Wolves and a Mosaic!

A Little Light Relief, Not Too Saucy!

Take a look at some of Year 2's wonderful shape poems!

Ben's Lockdown video of his Keep Calm and Carry on Year 4 topic work.

Still image for this video

Year Three's New Topic is the Romans in Britain

Roman Report.mp4

Still image for this video

Romulus and Remus Retold

Still image for this video
A great retelling of Rome' s foundation myth from Harry.


Still image for this video
Aled is Romulus!

Lucy's Been Topical - and more!

 Lots of great home learning from Year 4's  Keep Calm and Carry On topic about life in World War 2.