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What have you been up to?

Year 3 have been indulging Mr. K's love of cows - here are some stories

A first person story from Harry J
A Very Mooving Story from Isaac!
Betsy's included a helpful cat.
In Ella's there are some very helpful ducks!
Max rewrote it as a diary.

Alice, Aliyah and Jacob have more wonderful Roman work to share!

Aliyah's new goddess
and a Pompeiian diary entry
Jacob's designed a new god
Good note taking Jacob!
Jacob's day in a slave's life
Superb drawings enhance his excellent poster
Alice's work on Pompeii

Isaac's been very busy - we're hugely impressed.

Assessing how child friendly activity centres are.
Look for links between pebble size and distance from the sea
Organizing tours
Putting on a show
Creating a god
Building strong structures
Book review
Recounting a slave's day.

Radio Two managed to get hold of a survivor from Pompeii!

Marissa sounding very professional!

Goodness Gracious! Due to Unusual Atmospheric Conditions and Hitherto Unknown Ancient Roman Technology, We've Footage of a Weather report from Vesuvius in 79 AD

A rather bumpy weather report interrupted by an eruption 😲

Remarkable footage has survived of a remarkable survivor!.mov

Still image for this video

Some more great Home Learning from Year 4

Jayden's Electrical Safety Poster
Daisy's Electrical Safety Poster
Leila's Neolithic house from Skara Brae on Orkney
Leila's house up close.
Holly's neolithic weapon design.
Holly's cave art
Chloe's Hengistbury Head Poster

Harry's Shield and Temple - and Ayla's Shield Too!

An excellent model, with personalised mosaic.

Gods and Slave's Days

Without Mrs Sargent, Marissa's could be useful!
Max made a Quercus, not to say roburst new god!
What a day! Well done Max
We think Alice would like to talk with cats!

Alice's Model of the Pantheon, Rome

Alice chose it because she's been there.
It has the largest brick dome in the world!
Very impressive as it's nearly 2000 years old.

Virtually a Sports Day!

The Reynolds family Sports Day
Hazel's starting line
The virtual crowd cheers Hazel on
Daisy's throw
Daisy and Ola
Ella and Scarlett
Jayden and Layla
Maci's Supporters Turned Out!!
Very sporting, making sure Betsie isn't left out

Another Excellent Model of a Roman Temple - Very Impressive Anna!

A proud creator - and rightly so.
Neptune looks down on worshippers arriving.
Great details on the pillars and costumes.

There's a show on - though we're probably about 1800 years too late!

Betsy's honours Minerva - a wise choice
By Jove - Maximus has chosen Jupiter!
Ella's is in honour of Venus
Scarlett's honours Apollo
Harry's honours Mars
Some details about the Roman gods from Harry.
Miss Davis honours Felineous. (Of course!)

Shielding has been very important recently...


Jacob's great garden tale - it's fantastic!

What were Roman Temples like? Here's Isaac's Model.

Front view
learn more
Re-purposing a pagan temple for Christian baptisms
Another good interior shot.

Isaac knows how to use a protractor and turn it into a clinometer, a rather useful instrument as you'll see.

To measure and calculate angles.
As a clinometer to find the height of tall objects
And how far is it down from your sister's window!
As well as finding heights of tall objects,
you can survey and create beach profiles,
drawing neatly and account for differences.

The Romans Squashed the Boudiccan Revolt - Some Fascinating Diary Entries From Legionaries Seem to Have Survived...

Mmm. Not written by a Roman. Well done Isaactacus!
Legionary Max
Legionary Isaac
Legionary Scarlett
Legionary Aidan,
Legionary Alice
and Legionary Betsy.
A timeline of the events.

Boudicca Fought Back and the Roman's Never Found Her! She May Have Survived - Though Probably Not.

Jacob - another great drawing!
Isaac is angry - he wants that woman found!
Beware of bushy eyebrows! Great details from Max.
How dare a woman try to rule! Well done Betsy.
Alice's wanted poster.
Well done Layla - that spear looks menacing!

The British were Living Quite Happily, and then the Romans came. Why? How?

Scarlett and Connie with great designs!
Betsy's determined to Romanise you!
Marissa interviewed a Celtic child.
Alice interviewed a Celtic cook
Isaac's considered why the Romans came.
Isaac's Hunter's Story
Ida's labelled legionary
Looks as if Ida comprehends!
Max's labelled legionary
Isaac's comparison between the two sides.
Jacob's noted the differences
and labelled a legionary.

British homes in the Romano British Period

Betsy - made in Powerpoint!
Max's models
Isaac's researched
and made a model!
Jacob's Roundhouse.

It's worth a closer look at Soil. Very well done Isaac.

Identify locations to survey and sample.
Carry out a sedimentation test.
Record the results in graphical form.
Consider what the results mean.
Equipment is useful!
Sample 1, settled into clear layers.
Sample 2, clearly richer in organic matter.
A third sample with the greatest amount of humus.
Use of a powerful lens reveals fascinating shapes.

Betsy's Brilliant Bath (Roman)

Looking most excellent.
A chance to see the finer details.

Looking For A Job? A Job With A Future? Look No Longer (unless you're a lady - the Roman's weren't very equal opportunities!)

Ida is remarkably convincing! Great detail, we're very impressed. She might not be allowed to join the army but a career in writing advertising copy surely is available.
Max's recruitment poster. The Empire needs you!

Isaac Roman Advert.mp3

Well done Isaac - a smooth operator if ever we heard one!

And Betsy could surely be a presenter!

Scarlett Radio

Still image for this video
Scarlett has it nailed - surely this would persuade you to sign up!

Ella's Roman Army Advert V2.mp3

Wow! Ella is so professional!

Look after our beaches!

Alice is rather poetical.
Scarlett's Super Turtle Poster.
Isaac's been thinking about the issues.
Have a read of Jasper's very emotive letter!
Turtles are in trouble.
And Betsy's lovely acrostic, very artistic.
Well done for the promise, shame it's needed.
Carrying out the promise
Well done Isaac and Lucy
Isaac's Plastic Ocean
Max's terrific turtle drawing and description.

Year 2 - Dexter's habitat and powerful expanded noun phrases to describe it.

Still image for this video

Year 4 have been inspired by Stonehenge's mystery to write their own myths.

Archie's myth Chapter 1
Archie's myth Chapter 2
 Archie's myth Chapter 3
Archie's myth Chapter 4
Archie's myth Chapter 5
Mehmet's myth
Emilie's embellished myth part 1
Emilie's embellished myth part 2
Chloe's Stonehenge myth
Chloe's myth part 2
The Shield a myth by Holly part 1
The Shield a myth by Holly part 2
The Legend of Old Harry Rocks by Indigo
The Legend of Old Harry Rocks by Indigo
Stonehenge's magical past by Chloe part 1
Stonehenge's magical past by Chloe part 2

Emilie's storytelling of Avalyn and the special stones.mp3

Avalyn and the special stones by Emilie Part 1
Avalyn and the special stones by Emilie part 2
Avalyn and the Special Stones by Emilie part 3

Year 4 have only just started our Rock of Ages topic but there is already some fantastic work to share!

Ava's 3d ancient village project
Chloe's been researching Hengistbury Head
Jayden's Hengistbury Head research poster
Holly's art to accompany her story
Leila's Awesome Jenga Henge!
Leila's lifesize Cave Art

Father's Day Ideas

What a super idea from Aidan!

Marissa's Cleaning Up!

Joining Maci, Isaac & Lucy in tidying is Melissa!
Spot picked, responsible adult handily placed.
Well done, rubbish where it should go.

Isaac has a Challenge!

Still image for this video
We would love to see some more bouncing ball challenges!

Isaac's a Mastermind!

Still image for this video
We're sure you'll agree that this is an ingenious way to present your knowledge, well done.

Romulus, Remus, Wolves and a Mosaic!

Marissa's Marvellous Mosaic!
Jacob pt1
Jacob pt2

A Little Light Relief, Not Too Saucy!

Max has done well, can you think of more sources?
Marissa has more...
Harry has some ideas

Take a look at some of Year 2's wonderful shape poems!

By Aveline
By Charlotte
By Dexter
By Jasper
By Molly

Ben's Lockdown video of his Keep Calm and Carry on Year 4 topic work.

Still image for this video

Year Three's New Topic is the Romans in Britain

Aidan's splendid storyboard
Harry's been inspired by patterns and mosaics
Roman numbers
What would you like to know?
Ida's also been inspired by mosaics
Challenging roman sums!
Great shield!
Excellent presentation, Max.
Can you translate Aliyah's message?
Aliyah's design for her shield.
Betsy looking brilliantly protected.

Roman Report.mp4

Still image for this video

Romulus and Remus Retold

Still image for this video
A great retelling of Rome' s foundation myth from Harry.


Still image for this video
Aled is Romulus!

Lucy's Been Topical - and more!

Mr. Kisiala is always pleased to see some science!
 Lots of great home learning from Year 4's  Keep Calm and Carry On topic about life in World War 2.
Matilda's Anderson shelter - with breakfast ready!
Chloe's modern day propaganda poster
Daisy's newspaper report
Holly's newspaper report
Holly's Friend or Foe book cover design
Daisy's Friend or Foe book cover design
Daisy's modern day propaganda poster
Look at the detail in this model Anderson Shelter
Emilie's propaganda poster evaluations
Leo's VE Day celebration
some tasty looking rationing recipes

Eggciting! Isaac and Lucy with another super challenge.

Read the challenge, plan what to do, do it!
Looks lots of fun! Well done Isaac

Plant Poetry: Acrostics and Shape Poems. Year Three have talent!

After you've red, would you thank  mighty Isaac?
Isaac shows plenty of bottle.
Isaac knows to look out for the spikes!
Isaac writes about a killer!
Isaac was definitely feeling poetical!

Maci's been Marvellous!

Get kitted out...
... interesting...
I Shrunk My Friend!!!
Hard at it
Time to honour heroes
with a splendid display.
One of Mr K.'s friends says hello!
Take care you don't slip!

Harry's Been Busy Again - He Might Give You an Idea!

Learn about bees and take a quiz.
Watch Mrs Stoddart & make a clock face on a plate.
Why not in chalk outside?
1) Construct lego boat. 2) Time it doing laps!
Make a healthy lunch...
... to fuel a walk!
A Seedy Story rewritten
An acrostic
Get to grips with grammar

The Magic Seed

Mr K. was most impressed with Alice's last rhyme!

Anna's Been Amazingly Busy!

A thoughtful review. Mr K. wants to read it!
Money work - Leila getting involved too
Tin Forest character & setting work
Finding Georgia O'Keefe inspiring!
Now you know where to get great camping advice.
Leila and Anna showing support
Careful potting on.
Super rewrite of A Seedy Story

Aled and Noah's A Seedy Story Rewrites - Be prepared for excellent word choices!

Seedy Stories - New Takes on Judith Nicholl's Lovely Poem

Betsy was inspired to write a more original poem!

The Sunflower performed by Isaac

Still image for this video
A lovely rendition! Isaac has also made an excellent video tutorial on How to Make a Book. It's a little too large a file for the school website, if you want to view it this is the link:!AgLLr4oBqRp1icgApfUJlzT9XIBsIQ?e=r9kZFE

Challenging! Isaac and Lucy have had some bright ideas - have a go yourself!

A marble run challenge - well done Isaac and Lucy
Build a Bridge - initiative and resilience again
Why not make your own fact file?
Good introduction
Intriguing - what will happen at his uncle's?
A food chain

Dexter's fantastic book review!

Ella's Garden Story - not for the faint hearted!

Great way to present a story
Uh oh!               (and phew).

Betsy's Brilliant Fruit Salad!

First, plan the salad.
Then carefully wash, slice and arrange.
Et voila! Looks good!

More Poetry! Enjoy Ida's recitation of The Jumblies by Edward Lear.

Still image for this video
Well done Ida, we wonder how long it took you to memorise the poem.

Tess and Rosie's healthy banquet. Well done for this amazing video!

Still image for this video

Feeling Fruity! Mrs Stoddart sent a Fruit Salad challenge out to Yr 3. What a wonderful response!

Aiden's just about matches his shirt!
Well done Olivia - it looks most inviting.
Good knife handling from Alice leads to
the Fruity Fun Face!
Aliyah had fun and that looks truly scrumptious.
Ida's Salad on a Stick for people on the go!
Jacob's Just Delicious!

Ida's Inspiring Ideas!

May I join in?
Sorted for cash.
Super story - and the author's a great singer too!
Time to follow up on her own interests.
Getting ready well in advance for Year Five!

VE Day Celebrations!

Max's fruit cake - Winston Churchill's favourite!
Alice's Granddad's medals
Betsy made bunting
Betsy made cupcakes to share with the neighbours

Alice's Stained glass window

Harry's Daisies Video

Still image for this video
What a lovely interpretation of Christina Rossetti's Daisies!

Monopoly reinvented by Jasper!

Jasper at work, creating his own Monopoly board.
Which properties would you want to buy?
Testing it out!

Awesome Alex!

Book review! Any other Tom Gates fans?
That's going to be tasty!
Let's have some more book reviews!

Fantastic running Isaac and Lucy!

Still image for this video
Thank you for the challenge!

St Luke's says Hello!

We hope you enjoy this video we have put together to say hello and make you smile. Stay safe everyone!

Healthy Eating Advert!

Still image for this video
Take a look at Tyler's amazing healthy eating advert, teaching us an important lesson with the help of Tilly.

Layla's Amazing VE Day poster

Aliyah's Pizza, salt dough and rainbows

Magical Cakes! Alice has made Harry Potter themed cakes - can you tell what each decoration represents?

Very tasty!

Looking for a chain reaction. Aidan and Olivia have made a paper chain to go in their window with their NHS poster - who will follow their lead?

Looking splendid.

To the Max!

Self portrait
The Tin Forest - in lego!
Growing on from scraps.

Marvellous Maci!

Getting ready to cut out and bake
Once baked, decorate and share
Getting Crafty
The coolest tee shirt!
Making the world better by picking litter.

Zac's Cooking!

Mixing it up.
Done - Zac's first cake and it looks delicious!

Amazing Alice

Great 'Old Man' diary entry.
The Tin Forest after the birds came!
The Tin Forest story.
Tomatoes & chillies germinated well.

Noah's very observant

Super description and drawing.
Nature notes.

Jacob's been overcome!

Collapsed but happy!
Super 'Old Man' diary entry.
Ash Ketchum - super shading.
Flowering plant life cycle

Year 4

Still image for this video

Keep Calm and Carry On

Still image for this video
Nuala in Year 4 has made an Anderson Shelter as part of the Year 4 Keep Calm and Carry on Project. We love all the little details.

Mon seau ma pelle et mon petit bateau

Mrs Mitchell's French Song

Harry's been very busy!

From the Old Man in the Tin Forest's diary.
Making an arcade machine!

Ella has done some beautiful sunflower art work and illustrated her description of a forest wonderfully.

Olivia and Sebastian Sills wanted to share a little project they did with their dad... They made a mini picnic table for our resident squirrels. Once made they put it where we normally leave some nuts for them. They popped some nuts onto the table and the squirrels enjoyed sitting down for their breakfast the next day 😊



We think this is amazing! Look at the squirrel!  Well done to you both.

What a lovely letter Harry - well done for completing your RE challenge.

Mrs Carey's Song and Sign

Still image for this video
What a great castle - well done James.

Good Morning,


James and I have been busy this morning embracing the castle topic.  James has made a castle with a working drawbridge out of recycling.  He's done most of it by himself e.g. the painting and cutting and I helped him with the drawbridge.


I think he's done an amazing job and he's very proud of his creation so I thought I would share it with the rest of the school.


All the best,


Leeanne and James (Acorns)

Well done Emily and Martin

Great work Horne family!

Happy St George's Day from Team Thursday

We hope you had a great Easter Sophie and Eloise

Still image for this video
Girls loved creating these Easter Gardens!!

Mrs Stoddart reading 'Giraffes Can't Dance' (oh yes, they can!)

Still image for this video

Some excellent computing and science lessons going on here!

Coding and maths together!
Homemade crystals -Mr Kisiala will be impressed!

This is very impressive Jasper!

Still image for this video
Hi Miss Wearing ,
Please see attached a burglar alarm I built to alert me when my sister goes into my bedroom.
I like building electronic circuits. Hope you are okay.
Jasper 😊

It's great to see what you have been up to Noah- we think Freddie is gorgeous!



We hope you are all well and keeping safe. 


Noah has been enjoying being at home and spending time as a family. He's particularly enjoyed being in the garden in this beautiful weather, with our dog Freddie. Yesterday, Noah followed the instructions of putting a greenhouse together. He persevered and was really proud of himself. We have lots of lovely fruits and vegetables growing now, which we can't wait to be able to eat! Noah is hoping we have lots of yummy strawberries and raspberries. 


He's been doing the worksheets sent home from school, reading, building lego, using silk and foam clay (which is amazing), art and a lot of football and basketball. 


We hope everyone is ok. Noah sends a big high five to all his teachers and friends. 


Take care.


Rachel, Dan, Amber and Noah xx

Well done to Tyler (and Tilly) who has been learning about the body!

Sophie's painted version of a cherry tree
Lots of Easter craft happening.
We think this is fantastic Sophie- well done!
Great to hear what you have been up to Jacobs family!

Hello to all the lovely staff at St Luke's,  

It's Harry and Archie Jacobs here. We hope you are all well! We are having fun learning at home with Mummy and Daddy but we are missing all our friends and teachers! We loved seeing the video of Mr Saxby and enjoyed singing with Mrs Bird. We also saw the video of Auggie and we thought he might like to see what we have been doing. 


Mummy challenged me to find an object for every letter of the alphabet but it had to fit on a plate.


We wrote instructions of how to make banana pancakes then made them.

We loved the online Art and Times Tables Class

We enjoyed an Easter Quiz with our friends in Year 3 using 'Zoom' and made certificates for the winners. 

Mr Kisiala, challenged us to spot bees outside. We found one and then decided to find out more about them and make a ' bug hotel'. 


We went on a Spring walk ( for our daily exercise) and wrote about what we saw. 

We hope you all have a lovely Easter. 



Harry and Archie Jacobs 


Wow- great job Crowes! 


Hi everyone ! We’ve been studying the rainforest for the last 2 weeks and have made a mural in our ‘classroom’ aka the kitchen !



Hi all,
Nick and Sooty and Sweep have recorded a sketch for Palm Sunday.   Hope you enjoy it.  If you do please can you share it with other people.  Thank you.
Stories of Hope - No.1: Palm Sunday will be able to be viewed on YouTube from 8am on Sunday morning by clicking this link:

Mrs Cooper keeping us laughing with a poem she wrote for you all!

Still image for this video

Team Thursday get arty! (With Mrs Kay and Mr Hall)

Mrs Kay Reading I'm Special, I'm Me!

Still image for this video
We think Mrs Kay picked a good book.
Auggie enjoying some Harry Potter Cosmic Yoga!

We're pleased to see you enjoying the sunshine Charlie and Daisy!

We have been missing our teachers and friends a lot, but have been making the most of our free time in the beautiful sunshine. We sanded, painted and reroofed a very old rabbit hutch. (We are yet to find a rabbit for it!) We also discovered an ants' nest and were able to collect quite a few to observe in our special insect boxes. We released them, unharmed after one night!
We have been enjoying keeping in touch with our friends through video messages. Thank you everyone for staying connected.

Great lighthouse Bertie!

Hi St Lukes Team, hope everyone is safe and well. Bertie has been working hard (albeit in his pyjamas ) on a model of the Grace Darling rescue. Hope you like it 😊

Stay safe

It's lovely to hear from you Greenham family.

Hello everyone, 


Georgia, Louisa & Joseph here - we are really enjoying the time at home with Mummy, but do miss all our friends and teachers at school. So far, we are keeping well, exercising every day and doing lots of learning. 


We are doing our phonics, reading, times tables, Math & English and different topics each day. This week our topics are Africa and the Environment. We have all got our own email accounts and have been using the Ipad to email and talk to our family and friends. We have played  lots of games indoors and outdoors, we hope that the sun keeps shining so that we can keep riding our bikes and playing on the trampoline. 


Today we learned about volume and went outside to do lots of fun measuring and have just watched all the video's on St Lukes website. The video of Auggie really made us all laugh and we all sang along loudly with Mrs Bird to Power In Me. 


We hope that everyone is having fun with their families and still getting lots of fresh air, we look forward to seeing everyone soon.


Lots of love,
Georgia, Louisa, Joseph and Mummy Kate xoxo

Well done Mehmet- a great mixture of reading comprehension and maths work!

It's great to hear from you Ibrahim family- keep up the impressive work!

Hello  , 


This morning Lena is doing maths, Lamma is doing religious work ( The holy Quran ) , Lamar is doing English reading and Mustafa is doing times table rockstars .


Well done for challenging yourself Dexter!

Hi Mr Matthews!

Dexter wanted to share some photos with you of his maths from this morning, carrying on with his favourite....times tables! But this worksheet had some really tricky ones for Dexter to work out! He did so well, partitioning the bigger multiple into tens and ones before timesing them by the other multiple and adding them together to give him the answer.

Hope you and your family are well and staying safe,
Dexter and family

Ayla Singing

Still image for this video
Well done Ayla; this brought a happy tear to our eyes. We love your singing and the fact you wanted to say a prayer. Keep up the good work Ayla and Harry!

Well done Spencer-Mrs Hurl will be proud!

Good morning


We hope everyone is staying safe. 

Mrs Hurl.... Spencer has been practising his spelling so well I have made them into a word search. 


Best wishes

Jaycee Simpson

What a great photo from the Hopkins!

April Fool in the Hopkins house involved homeschooling in uniform today!

Mrs Bird Singing Worship

Still image for this video
It's Wednesday and does Wednesday mean? Singing worship! May the peace of the Lord be with you. (The Lord is here.) Thank you Mrs Bird for recording this song for us to sing along to, on this sunny Wednesday. Sing loud and proud everyone!

Mrs Carey reading (and signing) Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Still image for this video

Miss Waring reading The Dinky Donkey

Still image for this video

St Luke's children perform a Limerick

Still image for this video

Hi everyone!


Hope you’re all keeping safe and washing those hands!

We’ve been very busy here at Beardsley Towers enjoying the sunshine, all 4 of us together working is just joyful!!!!


Lots of Y3’s got together for a ‘Zoom’ meeting this morning and did a treasure hunt seeing who could be the first to come back with various items!!!


We’ve been doing some water art as Mrs. Carey told us we’d have been doing that if we were having our Arts week at school. 


Lots of love to you all. 


Max and his Mummy!




Still image for this video
Thank you Ava; this made us laugh!
Tigermouse in Acorns Class is enjoying his workout with Joe Wicks. 

We love your creation Zoe- well done!



Thanks for posting the video from Auggie today! My daughter, Zoe in Catkins, really enjoyed it! She wasn't sure who did the voice, but she laughed and said "Auggie can't talk, that must be a person talking, that's a good joke!". 

She has asked me to send in a picture of the Hama beads she has done today, so I am attaching it. 

I hope all the school teachers and staff are safe, thank you very much for keeping the Facebook page going, it is much appreciated in this time of uncertainty.


Well done Elliot - your pictures have made us smile. 


We have been doing lots of colouring and painting in the garden! 



Auggie's message to you all

Still image for this video