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Coastal Learning Partnership
Please note the school is currently closed and will only be open for vulnerable and keyworker children until further notice. Parents of children starting school in September 2021 - the closing date for your application is 15th January 2021.


A child's happiness and well-being is every parent's top priority. The factors that influence well-being are varied. We all have sunny days and days that are clouded,  yet there are some clear aspects of a child's development that need securing at primary school; such as self esteem, the ability to manage feelings and emotions and the ability to make relationships.


Our school is judged on the data generated by assessment in the core subjects of maths and English; we also equally value children’s well-being; therefore, we also assess each child in three key areas: self-confidence and self-awareness, managing feelings and behaviours and making relationships. At the end of each academic year, we ask our parents their perspective on their child’s well-being in these three key areas. The teachers will also share how their child presents in school. This information can then be used to shape provision at school and the care, guidance and support provided at home.


The data generated will also help inform how resources are allocated within the school, developments to our provision and to evaluate the success of any changes we make.


The attached document will be sent to parents prior to the consultation and used by the school to profile your child.

Well-being Descriptors