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Welcome to a new year at St Luke's C E Primary School. We are very excited to welcome our new Reception Children and their families to St Luke's. If you are the parent of a child starting school in September 2022 please telephone the Infant office to book a tour of the school. If you have any queries please call Teresa at the Infant Site/Alison or Wendy at the Junior Site.

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Science Competition.

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My colleague Mrs Underwood at Heatherlands School has been working with AECC University College (the Chiropractic School). They have put together a competition for schools in the Coastal Learning Partnership. Prizes include Amazon vouchers!

There are three competitions, in all you can choose what you want to find about, though there are suggestions for possible areas to help guide you. Full details can be found by following the link below, the closing date is May 22nd 2020. Good luck!

Mr Kisiala

Sport Star Science Challenge - All years
Possible project/research areas;
What you can do to increase your own health and fitness.
The different muscles the athletes need to work.
What things do athletes do to avoid injury.
The types of training athletes need to do and which parts of the body they work..
Is an athlete’s digestive system faster than an average person’s and explain how they work.
The diet athletes need to consume in order to reach their peak performance.

Changes in the World Around Us – Key Stage 1
Possible project ideas
Look at the plants and trees in your garden. Draw a picture and write a diary about how they change over time.
Create a poster that shows changes happening in your garden.
Look at changes in the weather, record in diagrams/photos/graphs and words.

Health Careers Challenge – Key Stage 2
Research a career in Health Sciences and tell us what a day in the life of that health professional might look like. You might want to do a diary, a newspaper interview, create a comic strip or even have a go at a digital animation.
Career ideas: You can choose to research any health science career. As well as doctors and nurses remember there are others including; paramedics, chiropractors, physiotherapists, radiographers, sonographers, psychologists, sports physiologists, sport coaches and therapists.

Top Tips For Staying Fit As A Family