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Welcome to a new year at St Luke's C E Primary School. We are very excited to welcome our new Reception Children and their families to St Luke's. If you are the parent of a child starting school in September 2022 please telephone the Infant office to book a tour of the school. If you have any queries please call Teresa at the Infant Site/Alison or Wendy at the Junior Site.

Our House System



By Kara and Hollie Year 6.


House System

Our House system includes teams that divide our school into four Houses.  These four teams are called St. George (the red team), St. Andrews (the blue team), St. David (the yellow team) and St. Patrick (the green team). These Houses are named after the patron saints of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

House Captains

There are four year 6s in charge of each house. These four children are elected by the students in their house, who vote on the best speech and manifesto that the candidates have read. The children chosen also have a huge role in sports day because they lead their house around the Winton Recreation Ground track, and if their house is the overall winner on sports day, they hold up a magnificent trophy decorated with ribbons of the house colour.

House Points

Once you reach the juniors, you can gain house points by completing fantastic work, being kind and even being quiet when you are supposed to.  Once you receive a house point, you can put it up on a chart in class.  When you get ten house points, you receive a merit by asking your teacher and showing them your ten house points which you record in a booklet.  We have house point monitors who, on a Friday lunchtime, go around to each class and collect the house points. During worship on Friday after lunch it is announced which house received the most house points that week.  It is celebrated with a silent cheer!


Merits are golden stickers that you receive when you have collected ten house points.  You can also receive a bronze, silver, gold or platinum certificate once you have attained 15, 30, 45 and 60 merits.  Your certificate is handed to you in worship and you receive a round of applause from the school!


If you look towards the front of the hall during worship, you will see your house captains sitting on a chair.  In worship on a Friday, your house points total score will be announced by your house points monitor.  If your house has the most points, then they do a silent cheer!  Also some people bring in achievements, such as swimming or gymnastic certificates they have been awarded, to share and be presented with at Worship. There are also different types of Worship; class worship, phase worship and singing worship.

Sports Day

Sports Day!  One of the best days of the year!  On sports day morning, everyone is divided into their houses within their year group.  The morning activities are held in the junior playground and field. In the afternoon, the juniors walk to Winton Recreation Ground.  Once there, each of the houses walk together around the track with their house captain leading them.  During the races you win points if you come either first, second or third.  At the end of sports day, after all of the scores have been added up and announced, the house captain of the winning team will come to the front and proudly hold the trophy aloft to the cheers of their House!