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Welcome to a new year at St Luke's C E Primary School. We are very excited to welcome our new Reception Children and their families to St Luke's. If you are the parent of a child starting school in September 2022 please telephone the Infant office to book a tour of the school. If you have any queries please call Teresa at the Infant Site/Alison or Wendy at the Junior Site.

Non-screen Activities

Below are some activities and ideas to help you get creative and off a screen. There will be links to many areas of the curriculum and hopefully you can easily find the resources and equipment you need.


100 activities away from a screen courtesy of Pobble
































Have a go at creating your own paint using vegetable scraps! We'd love to see your pictures.

Credit: Garden to Table 

Make and play the paper plane game 

Follow the link here: 

This activity links to DT, maths, art and science.

You can make up lots of games to play with this one!

Make your own tissue box monsters 

Follow the link here: 

Links to DT and art.

When you've made it why not practise number facts or spellings, reading ‘red words’ and feeding the correct answers to the monster!

What to get creative? Make your very own space crayons

Follow the link here: 

This activity links to science and art.

We'd love to see what you draw with them.

This one will test your cutting and folding skills to make your very own folded paper bracelets 

Follow the link here: 

This activity links to art, DT and maths.

Find out about your family history and make your very own thumbprint family tree 

Follow the link here:

This activity links well with history and art. Why not create family trees for famous people e.g. Queen Elizabeth I? 

Are you doing lots of reading at home? Do you need to remember where you've got to? The you need to make yourself a felt bookmark!

Follow the link here:

This activity links to DT and maths as well as getting them reading!

WARNING: This one could be messy!!  Make your own mini coloured volcanoes 

Follow the link here:

This has great links to science.

Create your own nature art bugs 

Follow the link here:

This links with science and art.

Have a look in your garden to see what minibeasts you can find. Then collect some natural materials and see if you can recreate them. You could even take a photo and send it to school. 

Need another fun game to make and play? Check out these Origami frogs and games 

Follow the link here: 

Great links with art, DT and maths.

You can make up your own games with these and practise your reading, number and spelling skills at the same time!

Have you got lots of toilet roll tubes at home?

Don't put them in the recycling bin just yet - make yourself a marble run 

Follow the link here:

This is great for testing your DT and maths skills