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Mission Statement

Mission Statement



Our core values of Acceptance, Forgiveness and Responsibility are a consequence of God’s Love described through our faith that Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again. These values and our faith define our ethos. As we trust in God we build our trust in one another.

Acceptance at St Luke’s means:


  • We are all included
  • We are all striving for a common goal
  • We are all unique
  • We recognise that we all make mistakes


Acceptance enables and challenges us to:


  • Provide for everyone
  • Be rigorous in our anti-bullying policy and strategies
  • Respect views, cultures and beliefs that differ from our own
  • Learn from positive criticism
  • Value the varied skills and qualities of each person
  • Provide a voice for all


Forgiveness at St Luke’s is an action that enables and empowers people to be direct and open.

Forgiveness enables and challenges us to:


  • Try new things, taking risks
  • Acknowledge, own and learn from mistakes
  • Earn trust and respect
  • Teach the qualities of empathy
  • Provide others with a fresh start


Responsibility at St Luke’s means we have a duty to be the best we can be. Our actions are important and we are all accountable for them.

Responsibility enables and challenges us to:


  • Provide opportunities for staff and children to make choices.
  • Be open and honest with each other
  • Create opportunities for everyone to be the best they can be


Worship confirms the values of our school and helps permeate our Christian ethos throughout all that we do. St Luke’s aims to be an agile learning community, able to react and adjust provision to meet the individual needs of learners in the changing world in which we live.