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Coastal Learning Partnership
Please note the school is currently closed and will only be open for vulnerable and keyworker children until further notice. Parents of children starting school in September 2021 - the closing date for your application is 15th January 2021.



Our aim at St Luke’s is to help our pupils become effective communicators by equipping them with a high standard of language and literacy skills, as well as a lifelong love of reading. Through high quality phonics teaching and a strong focus on both shared and individual texts, children will learn to appreciate the benefit of reading for both information and enjoyment in and out of school. In addition, the practical speaking & listening activities that children enjoy in class establish a strong command of the spoken word and lead to increased confidence and fluency in their written work.


We aim to ensure that pupils:

· read widely, fluently with good understanding

· read often for pleasure and information, both in and out of school

· acquire a wide vocabulary and secure understanding of the conventions of grammar and language

· write clearly, accurately and coherently with an ability to adapt their writing for different purposes

· use discussion to learn and to explain ideas

· are competent and confident in speaking and listening, and in sharing information