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St Luke's CE Primary School is part of the Ocean Learning Trust.  This means that many of our policies are now Trust wide policies; you can find them on the Ocean Learning Trust Website. 


Trust Policies include:


  • OLT Finance Policy (including charging and remissions) and Procedures - see link below
  • HR Policies
  • OLT Policy for Managing Allegations Against Staff and Volunteers
  • OLT Complaints Policy - see link below
  • OLT Equality and Diversity Policy - see link below
  • OLT E-safety and Acceptable Use Policy
  • OLT Child Protection Policy; incorporating Safeguarding Policy, PREVENT Guidance
  • OLT DPA Policy
  • OLT Fair Processing and Privacy
  • OLT H&S Policies
  • OLT Equal Opportunities
  • OLT ICT Policy
  • OLT Annual Reports and Accounts - see link below
If you require a paper copy or an adapted version (eg large print) of any of our policies, these can be supplied free of charge from either School Office.